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Navigating the turbulent waters of divorce requires professional guidance and unwavering support. At Moreno Family Law Firm, we are committed to helping individuals and families in San Jose through this challenging phase of life. Our experienced team of San Jose divorce lawyers is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal assistance tailored to your unique situation. With a deep understanding of California's divorce laws, we are here to guide you every step of the way. 

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What is Divorce?

Divorce, in legal terms, is the formal dissolution of a marriage, terminating the legal responsibilities and obligations that come with it. It involves a complex process of addressing various legal, financial, and emotional matters that can significantly impact your future. A divorce can either be uncontested or contested. Moreno Family Law Firm recognizes the sensitive nature of divorce cases and strives to offer empathetic and strategic solutions to help you transition to the next chapter of your life.

Is California a No-Fault Divorce State?

Yes, California is indeed a no-fault divorce state. If you wish to dissolve your marriage, you don't have to prove that your spouse engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing that led to the marriage breakdown. Instead, you can state that there are irreconcilable differences, making it more straightforward compared to fault-based divorce systems. Our team can help you navigate the complexities of no-fault divorce, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

How to File for Divorce in California

To file for divorce in San Jose, you or your spouse must have lived in California for six months and in Santa Clara County for three months

If you are filing for a divorce in San Jose, you must consider the following: 

  • You must file a petition and a summons. 
    • A petition is a request for divorce that lists factual information, including residency, date of marriage, date of separation, and the grounds for divorce.
    • A summons contains essential information about the divorce process. It includes standard restraining orders limiting what you and your spouse can do with your property and prevents you or your spouse from removing your children from California.
  • If you and your spouse have children together who are under the age of 18, you will also have to file a Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.
  • You must file the papers at the Santa Clara Family Justice Center Courthouse, 201 N. First Street, San Jose, CA. 
    • You must pay a filing fee if you apply for a fee waiver and the court grants your request.

Divorce Process in California

The divorce process in California is a multi-faceted journey that encompasses various stages, each necessitating meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of legal intricacies. At Moreno Family Law Firm, our adept San Jose divorce attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through this process with competence and compassion.

  • Filing a Petition: The inception of the divorce process involves one party filing a divorce petition. This legal document is pivotal as it delineates the grounds for divorce and petitions for vital aspects such as spousal support, child custody, and the equitable division of assets and debts. Our seasoned legal team can meticulously craft and file the petition to ensure your interests are comprehensively represented.
  • Serving the Petition: Properly serving the divorce papers to the other party is a fundamental step. This service accords the other party the opportunity to respond to the petition. It establishes a platform for open communication and lays the foundation for further negotiations or legal proceedings. Our lawyers ensure this step is executed meticulously, adhering to legal protocols.
  • Temporary Orders: In some instances, obtaining temporary orders may be crucial. These orders address immediate concerns such as child custody, visitation, financial support, and restraining orders. These orders serve to establish a stable environment while the divorce is ongoing. Our legal team can advocate for your rights while pursuing these temporary orders, ensuring your interests are safeguarded.
  • Financial Disclosures: Transparency in financial matters is pivotal during divorce proceedings. California law mandates both parties to provide accurate and comprehensive financial disclosures. This entails divulging all assets, debts, income, and expenses. Our lawyers have the expertise to guide you through this process, ensuring that all pertinent financial information is accurately disclosed.
  • Divorce Discovery: Divorce discovery is a phase where both parties gather essential information to strengthen their cases. This can involve requests for documents, interrogatories, depositions, and more. Our skilled legal team employs effective discovery strategies, ensuring no crucial information is overlooked, and your case is substantiated precisely.
  • Negotiation and Mediation: Endeavoring to settle critical issues through negotiation and mediation can often yield amicable and favorable outcomes. Our adept San Jose divorce lawyers are well-versed in alternative dispute resolution methods, using their negotiation skills to advocate for your interests. We strive to facilitate productive discussions leading to mutually beneficial agreements, streamlining the divorce process.
  • Court Proceedings: If negotiations and mediation fail to yield resolutions, court proceedings become imperative. Our legal team is well-prepared to represent your interests vigorously in court. With a compelling presentation of arguments and evidence, we endeavor to safeguard your rights and advocate for equitable solutions, ensuring your voice is heard in the legal arena.
  • Finalizing the Divorce: Once all issues are resolved, a judgment is entered, culminating in the finalization of the divorce. This judgment meticulously outlines the divorce terms, encompassing pivotal aspects such as property division, child custody, spousal and child support arrangements, and more.

We understand divorce proceedings' emotional challenges. Our commitment lies in providing you with adept legal counsel that blends expertise with empathy. 

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Going through a divorce can be emotionally taxing and legally intricate. With Moreno Family Law Firm, you can confidently handle your case with the utmost professionalism and care. Our San Jose divorce lawyers understand your challenges, and we are dedicated to providing you with reliable guidance and effective legal representation. Whether through negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings, we are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome and embark on a new chapter of your life. 

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