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David Lucarelli-Cowles

Associate Attorney

David has been practicing as a family law lawyer exclusively for over five years. He has conducted seven trials on a variety of issues including ownership of residential property, domestic violence, custody and spousal support with outstanding results. David specializes in custody and domestic violence issues, but is well versed in support and property division as well. David has filed hundreds of motions and made hundreds of court appearances, and has an excellent track record of settling cases in an efficient and cost effective manner.

David graduated from UCLA for both law school and a B.A. in history. As an undergraduate, he made the Dean's List five times. David is an Eagle Scout.

In his free time, David enjoys exploring the great outdoors; ask him about his favorite hiking and camping recommendations. David is also an avid reader and an amateur gourmet chef and baker of fine breads.



    I just wanted to thank you for your super fabulous work today. Seeing you in action just solidified my confidence in you and our working together. You have from the beginning kept me on the right path protecting me from myself even in a scary and confusing time. You have helped me protect my son ...