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Traditionally, when you would hire a lawyer, they would represent you throughout your entire case from start to finish. Unbundled law services, sometimes referred to as limited scope or discrete task representation, changed this model.

Instead of full representation, unbundled family law services are when you hire an attorney in a limited manner and only ask them to complete specific tasks. It allows you to choose services “a la carte” instead of having to pay for services that you may not need or be able to afford.

Benefits of Unbundled Law Services

More Affordable

The legal side of divorce is confusing and complicated, and it is crucial to have an experienced and aggressive attorney by your side. If the high cost of representation is making you hesitate to hire an attorney, unbundled family law services provide a more affordable option. Because you are only hiring the attorney to complete specific services, your attorney is working less hours, and therefore, it is less costly than paying for full representation. With unbundled law services, you can get necessary help that you may otherwise not have been able to pay for.

Tailored to Your Needs

With unbundled family law services, you have control over which tasks you want an attorney to complete and which jobs you want to complete independently. If your case is simple, there are items that you can complete on your own without having to pay an attorney for their time. Unbundled law services allow you to take advantage of these situations.

Examples of Specific Services

Unbundled family law services include a broad range of tasks that can be tailored to each client. 

Here are some examples of the services that Moreno Family Law Firm can do for you:

  • Sending a letter to resolve your dispute
  • Preparing a petition or response
  • Drafting a brief
  • Attending a mediation, settlement conference, or arbitration
  • Requesting or responding to discovery
  • Filing or responding to noticed motions
  • Attending ex parte hearings and Orders to Show Cause
  • Pretrial preparation, including Trial Readiness Conference and Motions in Limine
  • Appearing at a deposition
  • Drafting a Declaration of Disclosure
  • Preparing a judgment or marital settlement agreement

This list is not exhaustive. If you need help with a task that is not on this list, we may be able to help.

When Are Unbundled Family Law Services Not the Right Fit?

Not every case is the right fit for unbundled family law services. It is not full representation, which means that you must handle some aspects of your case independently. Some cases are too complex for this model. In complicated cases, every step is critical and will require the expertise of an attorney.

Additionally, in some cases, there is too much at stake, and it may be a good investment to have full representation. The amount that you have to pay for full representation may be more than the amount that you could lose if you try to do it on your own with limited help. You can discuss whether or not unbundled family law services are the best fit for you in a consultation with Moreno Family Law Firm.

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