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Civil Restraining Order

FABULOUS!!!!! I called the Moreno Family Law firm TWO DAYS before my hearing/trial and Michael Moreno took my case without any hesitation. I had a civil harassment restraining order pending against me that occurred in the workplace and I was so scared to go to court since the last time I went I couldn't even speak to the Judge without shaking. The Opposing Party was a bully and I was frightened that if I had a restraining order granted against me it would ruin my career forever. Michael Moreno asked that I drop off the paperwork ONE DAY before the trial and he showed up prepared, looked sharp and fought for me like I had been his client for years! The judge did not want to dismiss the restraining order against me and Michael had an intellectual and persuasive response to every position the Judge made. Even when the judge disagreed with him he KEPT FIGHTING FOR ME and making new arguments that slowly started to change the Judge's mind. Michael didn't give up until he was able to successfully change the judge's mind and WE WON!!! The judge dismissed the restraining order against me and I was able to walk away from the court house with NOTHING pending against me. I truly believe that the universe was in my favor when I found The Moreno Family Law firm to help me with this civil harassment restraining order (work place harassment). THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am truly grateful and I would recommend EVERYONE to this firm. Michael Moreno is a TRIAL EXPERT and the staff was helpful and kind. They even called after the hearing to make sure I was happy with the representation I received. INCREDIBLE FIRM. (This was all during COVID shelter in place and they were available to me 24/7).

– B.K.