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Letter From Opposing Counsel

The following isn't really a testimonial, it is an excerpt from a letter from opposing counsel, but we'll take it as a testimonial. And yes, its a real quote from a real letter.

"Much to my surprise, Judge XXX dealt on a pendente lite basis with all of the requests you wanted, i.e. temporary support, and refused to address the issues I raised such as giving credit to [my client] for payments made for the benefit of your client since the date of separation, refusing to deal with my client's request that your client be expressly ordered to pay the mortgage, property tax, utilities, car payment, etc. refusing to give us a specific order concerning the selected items my client should be allowed to remove from the family residence since the judge did give your client exclusive possession, etc.

...So much for equal protection under the law and blind justice.

...Clearly yesterday's hearing was not a half-way compromise; rather, it was a hearing in which the judge bent over backwards to give your client everything they asked for and conveniently ignored all of the issues we raised. If the judge continues to show such biases we will take appropriate action."

– Anonymous