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100% Custody!

I am a new comer to US, I don't know English as well as the legal rules here…. The police came to the house and took me out of the house. Also, the other side started the case first with a very well know lawyer. My friends, my family members, and even I did not believe that I would win the custody. Everybody only expected that the court would drop the restraining order so I could see my baby again.

But right after the first time I read the first draft of my declaration that you help me on writing, I believed I would win. You are the most wonderful writer that I have ever known who knows very well how to write, organize ideas, and choose evidences. After the first hearing, I won. From the one who has zero percentage of custody, I have one hundred percent custody. It was unbelievable. I was more and more appreciating for your help, when recently I had a chance to see a short introduction movie on restraining order. The movie said that the judge doesn't have a lot of time at court for restraining order case, therefore, all of the writings and evidences have send to the court before the court day are very important.

You were accompany with me for a long way, during 8 months, with a lot of writing works and many time you appeared with me at the court, many days you stay up late to prepare all documents, make sure everything looks fine and professional at the court on the next day. I was extremely impressed by your professionalism, and the quality and speediness of your lawyer works.

You helped me had an outcome almost more than what I expected. I won part of attorney fees, and I could bring my daughter to the other state and continue my study at pharmacy school. I could not express how happy I am.. You are a very talented lawyer. I want to say it to everybody.

I was lucky to have you as my lawyer. From deeply of my heart, I appreciate for your help. I wish that you continue to help me in the future.

– Anonymous